Trade Dress

Trade dress protects the visual characteristic’s of a product or its packaging that signify the source of the product.  Like trademarks, federal trade dress protection is provided under the Lanham Act and, as with our trademark practice, we provide our clients with all of the services necessary to obtain and protect their trade dress intellectual property.  See our Trademark Practice page for a complete listing of the services provided.

Trade Secrets And Unfair Competition

We provide advice to our clients on implementing and maintaining procedures which protect key technical and business information as trade secrets. We also prepare non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements and represent trade secret owners and accused infringers in trade secret disputes, including litigation when necessary.  Finally, we represent clients in all unfair competition disputes, including Federal Lanham Act and state law causes of action and violations of non-compete and non-disclosure agreements.

Due Diligence Review On All Intellectual Property Related Assets

We provide our clients with advice, during a purchase or sale, on the status of all intellectual property-related assets to be transferred and on the contract terms related to the transfer of such assets.

Technology Licensing And Transfer

We negotiate and prepare licenses and agreements related to our client’s various intellectual property assets and other transferable technology.